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Visiting the Silicon Valley

The technology and innovation hub of the United States, Silicon Valley is a fascinating mixture of the world's most iconic tech companies and start-ups. This is the place that companies like Google, Facebook and Tesla call home, and where entrepreneurs rub shoulders with millionaires.

The name Silicon Valley was first coined in the early 1970’s, as many semiconductor companies, whose chips were made of silicon, were established in the area. Now, it’s the place to be for all emerging and established technology businesses, accounting for one third of all venture capital investments in the United States.

ome to 20 cities, Silicon Valley is a thriving hub of enterprise, research and technology centres and tourism. Visit the city of Palo Alto and you’ll find the headquarters of Tesla, as well as an impressive urban forest. Head downtown on a Friday or Saturday and you’ll find bustling nightlife, fine dining and retailers open late into the evening for your enjoyment. Or escape to Mountain View to see the epic Google campus, which boasts more than 24,600 employees in this location alone! You’ll find great outdoor entertainment and over 1,000 acres of park to enjoy at Mountain View.

Silicon Valley is your premium destination for corporate or special occasions, with an abundance of venues suitable for private or large-scale events.

DMC Silicon Valley - Stanford University
DMC San Francisco and Silicon Valley

Our DMC services in Silicon Valley

Insider Experience DMC invite you to spend a couple of days sharing and learning from some of the best minds in Silicon Valley. We’ll give you exclusive access to the offices of Silicon Valley’s best businesses and technology giants, such as Google, Netflix, Apple, Stanford University and more.

As with all of our programs, your visit will be tailored to you and your guests’ needs. Receive focused and industry specific knowledge, getting detailed insights and successful strategies you can implement straight away. 

Located 45 minutes from San Francisco, Silicon Valley offers a perfect day trip or a fantastic overnight stay, with a range of luxury hotels and restaurants ready to delight you.

When to visit Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley has a Mediterranean style climate, with warm and dry Summers making June-September a great time to visit or to host your event. The wettest months run from December through February.

Insider Experience also offer DMC services in any major US cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, Boston and Hawaii.